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Luxury Homes in the Bahamas

Aside from spectacular beaches, diving spots, and cultural treasures, the Bahamas is also home to a real estate market teeming with investment potential. For one, luxury homes in the Bahamas are sought-after and the kind you see in magazines and movies. Here are some of the luxury properties that await you in the Bahamas.

  • Custom luxury properties – Although the age of exploration is a thing of the past, there is plenty of land in the Bahamas for your custom luxury home. The Bahamas’ luxury home market is dominated by grand residences in a diverse range of architectural styles, well-appointed with the best appliances and fixtures you can find.
  • Waterfront and ocean-view condos and penthouses – Communities such as Nassau and Freeport are home to modern and ultra-luxe condominium developments showcasing multi-million dollar views of the cerulean waters that surround the Bahamas. The creme de la creme of these properties, however, are the ocean-view penthouses sitting on top of the city. Living in one will make you feel like king (or queen) of the world.
  • Beachfront residences – There are over 700 islands in the Bahamas, and while only a tiny fraction of these are inhabited, luxury beachfront homes take up a significant portion of the Bahamas’ luxury home market. These island residences act us private hideaways, with unobstructed access to the ocean and plenty of open space. Live in an exclusive waterfront community or take it to the next level and purchase your very own private island.
  • Restored historic estates – The Bahamas is an archipelagic state with a colonial past, and although it hasn’t always been pretty, this history is integral in the cultivation of that distinct Bahamian identity and culture. Real estate investors have a chance to experience this part of the Bahamas’ history through the restored historic estates available in the local luxury home market. These historic properties are highly sought-after, fully restored and retrofitted according to current building standards.
  • Private islands – Live in your very own piece of paradise in the Bahamas by investing in a private island. There are hundreds of islands and cays in the Bahamian archipelago, and that means plenty of investment opportunity. Take your pick from locations such as attractive Paradise Island to undeveloped tropical havens such as the Exumas and the Family Islands and build your dream luxury home and private resort.

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