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How to find work in the Bahamas

Some people travel to the Bahamas for play, while some people opt to go to this archipelagic state for work opportunities. Being one of the richest countries in the Americas, it’s not hard to see why. The Bahamas has established a stable and successful tourism industry, and their banking sector also attracts plenty of professionals.

Before you start your job search in the Bahamas, here are a couple of key considerations you need to bear in mind.

  • Although the Bahamas welcomes millions of tourists and plenty of investors each year, finding work might not be as easy.

    One important thing to note about the Bahamian government is that they have nationalistic policies. Basically– Bahamians first. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s impossible to work in the Bahamas as a foreigner. You can secure a work permit provided you have complied with the Bahamas’ immigration policies.

    Foreign immigrants aren’t allowed to take jobs from Bahamians that do not require a higher education. This includes some posts in the hospitality, food, and service industry, such as bartending and housekeeping. If you have proven yourself qualified as a key personnel for a business, the Bahamian government may grant you a work permit.

  • Employers are required by the government to advertise job vacancies locally first.

    Business owners in the Bahamas must look for people to fill their job vacancies within the local population first before they can process applications from foreigners. If they’re unable to find a Bahamian for the post, they need to apply to the Department of Immigration and ask for permission to recruit outside of the country.

    If you happen to have applied to this type of case, you will be then required by the government to present documents that show you are qualified for the post.

  • The price of work permits vary.

    Applying for a work permit can cost you a significant sum, as fees can go as low as $250 for menial jobs and jump to as much as $7,000 for executive and professional posts. Work permits are usually valid for a year but can be renewed. However, you might find renewal to be next to impossible if you have been working in the Bahamas for over five years unless you’re a permanent resident.

    In addition, foreign immigrants looking to work in the Bahamas are also required by the government to place a bond. This bond allows the Bahamian government to send home and make the employee pay for any damages as well as medical expenses incurred in case of any public charges.

  • The Bahamian economy heavily relies on tourism and banking.

    Tourism is the main driver behind the Bahamas’ strong economy. As a matter of fact, tourism and any construction or manufacturing related  to this industry account for approximately 60 percent of the Bahamas’ national GDP.

    Another source of income for Bahamians is the robust finance sector, as the Bahamas is a popular destination for off-shore baking. Other industries you might want to explore in the Bahamas include the industrial sector, such as pharmaceuticals, salt production, and rum production.

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